Heartbreak Songs

by Wyatt Cropper Parks

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The first full length solo album. Recorded in just three days with two mics and a computer the goal was not to produce something fancy or perfect. The intent was to create songs that feel alive and in the moment. These are songs spanning the last two years of joy and heartbreak and I am excited to share them with the world. The album is free and I would much rather that you have a chance to listen to it than make any money for myself. Please share and enjoy!


released March 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Wyatt Cropper Parks Bellingham, Washington

As a chronic songwriter things just sort of stack up every so often and I just have to put them out there. My music covers the map from the highly personal to the wacky (favoring the personal though). Please enjoy and share!

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Track Name: Country Lovin'
Country Lovin’

Well I walked past the barn
And I saw her standing there in the yard
She’d come by to say she ain’t gonna stay
She’s going to the city next month
We were just kids ya we’d barely learned to kiss
Well I wish that she would stay for one more night

Too bad she has got a lover
Too bad she’s as sweet as wine
Too bad I can’t seem to sleep without her now
As time ticks by till I die

Well tried to stay in this town I’s raised in
But it all seemed empty when she went away
All those street signs pointed to a life
I’d lost the moment I chose to stay
I was just a kid ya I feared the city
Where the night sky never darkens ‘nough to see


Well I grabbed my stuff and I hopped up in my truck
And I drove on down to Houston where you were
And I knocked on that door prayed to god you’d heard
The message that I left when I left home
You opened up that door and you took my hand in yours
And you said I’m glad you finally came around

Well it seems you got a lover
I always said you’s sweet as wine
I sleep easy now that I am by your side
As time ticks by till I die
Track Name: Little Rain
Little Rain

Little rain’s gone come wash away my tears
Little rains gone come and wash away my fears
Little storm clouds come in so quick
Little rains gone come and wash away the past

It ain’t all bad
And it ain’t all rough
If you live through this
Hell you’ll be real tough

Little floods gone come and silence all our laughs
Little floods gone come and drown every match
Better hold little boat as closely as you please
‘cause little floods gone come and wash us out to sea

Track Name: Heartbreak Songs
Heartbreak Songs

I’m sorry I don’t love you
But I feel your pain like it was my own
And I’m sorry that I can’t hold
Till the moment when the stars turn blue
My momma says boy don’t you
Go on breakin’ any more girl’s hearts
But I’m sorry dear old momma
But the breakin’ is what I do best

Stomp your feet and clap your hands
To the rhythm of that old time band
As they sing those heartbreak songs
‘bout folks like us

The bottle she is wicked
For it leaves me here alone by myself
My body was a temple
That I burned down when I was a child
I miss all those moments
When I felt like a man who felt loved
But they’re gone now
And I’m begging
To feel them once again
Now that I’m in your arms


I’m sorry I don’t love you
But I feel your pain like it was my own
Track Name: Honeybee

Darling sweet my honey bee
She does like pie
Every kind you that you or I
Can think of is just fine

Apples after summers done
Peaches in the fall
Strawberries and rhubarb pie
Spring time starts it all

But what am I doing
I’m just offering up a piece of the pie
To my honeybee when she comes by

She’s good to me and oh so sweet
I love her till I die
Sugar free ain’t no way to be
Sweet as any pie

She loves the smell of baking goods
She wants it every night
If only I could bake the world
She’d be here by my side


She only has eyes for one
The man who cooks for her
Beer and wine and good ole boys
Dinner love is served

She traveled round this good old land
Searching for the gold
And best damn pie in all the world
I made it just for her
Track Name: I Can't Sleep With You Here
I Can’t Sleep With You Here

A mountain of concrete wells up
What do you do when enough is enough
I put my hands up and I head for the sea
Get in my car and we’ll be what we be

After the storm there is calm
I know this ain’t what you want
How do I fix what ain’t broke
It’s getting harder and harder to know

So don’t come round here
I can not sleep with you here
You twist and turn in my bed
It keeps me from my dreams

Even my bones they did shake
My head went for spins and I thought I should take
A break for a week or maybe a year
I need some time to myself

The Bottle I nurse has gone dry
And all of my smokes will not light
Sleepin’ has become a chore
One I don’t want so I head for the door


Headlights curse through my window
A wind blows down from the north
I sit here and offer you nothing
But you still pray for hope

Track Name: My Body
My Body

Well my body is made of coal
And it’ll burn nice and slow
When my friends and family toss me on the fire
But I’ll keep their spirits warm
As this winters wearing on
Until spring time comes and everything’s in bloom

Take those ashes that you find
Compress them through the depths of time
And from my body diamonds will surely grow
Cut em down to tiny stones
Take a deep breath and propose
Make some girl as happy as I never could

If my body, if my body, if my body
Has no worth let it pass
If my body, if my body, if my body
Has some worth keep it close

And the flowers will surely grow
On this grave that I have sown
And the grass will come to fill up every void
And if my old heart is true
A great old cedar will poke through
To fill the gap between the sun and my stone

If my body, if my body, if my body
Has no worth let it pass
If my body, if my body, if my body
Has some worth keep it close
Track Name: Sell The Kids To The Circus
Sell The Kids to The Circus

Take a look at that house you bought
The picket fence a well groomed dog
Little children run about the yard
You thought you’d got quite the steal
The perfect house and a damn good deal
You only owe 300 grand
But two months in you got a note
Interest rates are up your broke
Now the bank wants your house
How will you make ends meet
Sell the lexus buy a cheap
Car that will die in a month

You made it work for near 6 months
Underwater yes it hurts
To never have change for a drink
The kids are hungry so are you
Your parents say they aren’t made at you
But they can’t take on the kids
So then one day you make a plan
Each one of them for at least a grand
You’ll get yourself out of a fix

You’ll sell the kids to the circus
You sell them for cheap
You teach them to tightrope
And juggle fire with their teeth
You won’t have to feed them
They won’t be your deal
You’ll sell the kids to the circus
Your looking to sell for cheap

You only have a few more weeks
Until the sideshow takes their leave
You have to get the kids up to speed
You work them hard day and night
Eatin fire jugglin rocks
Failure can’t come this time
They have to be the best there is
Fightin’ lions for the biz
You know that they’ll make the cut
Your plan is fool proof spick n span
You’ve all ready talked to the man
He’ll give you a wad a cash


What can go wrong?
The kids are asleep
You drugged them with dinner
And tomorrow they sleep with the circus
And you’ll finally be free

Track Name: She's The Sweetest Thing
She's The Sweetest Thing

Oh my babe she’s the sweetest thing
In the whole wide world that I done seen
Oh she’s gorgeous in that cute little dress
When she’s angry she’ll make things a mess

Oh she knows how to drink it down
Corn liquor never made her frown
Better keep that bottle round
Cause when she’s sober you ain’t want to be around

Oh she knows how to fix my car
She looks stunning in those carhartts
Little grease monkey but she’s my honey
Ain’t no car that’s too far gone


Oh she don’t need nothing that I give
She’s a rebel and a sure fire win
Place your bets boys she’ll leave you high
But she chose me and that ain’t no lie

She likes dancing all night long
Specially when the band plays her favorite song
How she moves in heels I never do know
If you try to get her to go home, she’ll yell “Hell No!”

Track Name: Today Is The Day We All Go To Hell
Today is the day we all go to hell

Today is the day we all go to hell
Well today is the day that we all go to hell
Today is the day we all go to hell
Well today is the day that we all go to hell

I remember the day we all went to hell
We were singing a tune that was never gonna help
We had our arms in the air and our eyes towards the sky
Thinking god was gonna come and save our lives


Well the sky turned dark the sun went out
It took away the light well it took away the doubt
Well we got ourselves a bottle a gin
And we drank till the day had come to an end

Track Name: The Most Terrible Sounds
The Most Terrible Sounds

The most terrible sounds that I can imagine
Are those that I cannot make
Like vile wild creatures making their dinner
Away in the woods of this state
Like a pet being torn limb upon limb
By the need to live and to love

A promise forgotten and words never spoken
It’s true I’ve been known to love
In my bedroom I’ve wondered just how I have came here
And rightly why I’ve not left
My heart is a foundry churning out ashes
That need to be swept under rugs

She’s gone and I knew it would happen one day
It makes the passing a thrill
And I’m starting to worry that something has gone wrong
My heart doesn’t hurt like it should
So I borrow a shovel and move like a shadow
I’ll bury whatever I must

I repack the boxes I only just opened
This house was never a home
I wish it would burn down condemned as an outhouse
The filth is measured in miles
I thought if I yelled they’d hear what said
But instead they only got high
Track Name: Whiskey Stills
Whiskey Stills

It ain’t for lack of trying, it ain’t for lack of nerves
It ain’t for whiskey and it sure as hell
Ain’t for lack of need please love me

I laid my body down on the cold and broken ground
All my secretes laid out as my imagination
Takes a hold of me, oh me love me

When you come over you bring your whiskey stills
I hope you like the silence ‘cause it’s more than we can fill
oh love me, love me, love me

Now that I’m sleeping my head is full of pain
My arms are all but empty when I call your name
Oh please love me, love me, love me

all the best parts lost inside my mind
I drank too much whiskey and I drank far too much wine
To see what you mean to me

It ain’t for lack of trying, it ain’t for lack of nerves
It ain’t for whiskey and it sure as hell
Ain’t for lack of need please love me
Track Name: Bottles of Wine
Bottles of Wine

All of my dreams are filled to the brink
With bottles of wine that we drank last night
And here in my bed my heads filled with tears
Of what I have done and all of my fears

It’s all been a lie
All of this time with you
I cry

All of the days we drank through the haze
To clear out our minds to finally wake
And after it’s done that bottle of love
I wished you would stay for all of my days

It’s all been a lie
All of this time with you
I cry